Access Tallahassee Event Recognized by the Association of College Unions

Members of the Association of College Unions International gathered in New Orleans to present more than 30 awards and scholarships to honor excellence in the college unions and student activities profession, recognize contributions to the Association, celebrate writing and research, and provide professional development opportunities to recipients.  The Collaborative Program of the Year Award recognizes programs that bring together two or more campus entities to achieve one goal. The 2015 honoree was the Experience Tallahassee … More

The Secret to Effectively Managing Different Generations

Americans have become overly enamored with generational labels—such as “millennials,” “Gen X” and “baby boomers”—and their associated stereotypes. Used heavily by organizational leaders, marketing gurus, and self-proclaimed generational experts, these labels seem at first to conveniently simplify the complex diversity of the people around us.  But are the specific characteristics that each of these labels bring to mind accurate or even appropriate? My research has shown that, in fact, they are false constructs of social fictions. We’ve replaced a real … More

6 New Year Goals for Young Professionals

Oh, I see it’s getting to be that time of year again. A new year. Resolutions. Big, hairy, audacious goals and all that. Of course, there’s no reason to only set goals at the start of a new year. But for some reason we see it as a logical time to do so. Maybe you are looking for your next gig. Or perhaps you’re working up to a super level of competency in the gig … More

You Are Out of Excuses

Investing for the future is tough. You have to start with saving, of course.  That part has its own hurdles, but the idea is simple enough.  We all know how to save, even if we struggle with it.  It is the next step that people often find more intimidating: investing those savings. A big chunk of that is done for us through retirement plans set up by employers, like 401(k)s and 403(b)s.  Unfortunately, for the … More

Sales Tax is a Key to our Future

Every so often, communities are afforded an opportunity to make a great investment in the future. Often times those opportunities are missed, but Tallahassee has continued to show that it is not a community afraid to invest in itself. The single most important investment that citizens of Leon County have made in our history comes in the form of our one-cent sales tax for infrastructure. In 1989, the voters of this community came together to … More

Five Questions with Proof Brewing Co.

Access Tallahassee is heading to Proof Brewing Co. next month so we sat down with owners Byron and Angela Burroughs for a quick interview to learn a little more about the company. Mark your calendars for Cocktails & Connections on Thursday, October 23 to visit the brewery with us! 1. Tell us when and why you decided to open Proof in Tallahassee. Byron & I originally moved to Tallahassee in 2005 to develop a piece … More

The Success Behind Madison Social

First, I want to thank the Tallahassee Chamber for their overwhelming support to the success of Madison Social. Since day one they wholeheartedly supported the first business that was open in the new College Town district and we could not be more grateful. And no, they did not ask me to write that:) On August 15, 2013 Madison Social opened its doors and now- just a little under eight months later- it is is amazing … More

Six Steps to Leadership for Young Professionals

Six Steps to Leadership for Young Professionals As a young professional, you may think you can’t lead or advance because of your youth or short tenure in your company. Think again. In fact, youth and short tenure can be assets. Young professionals may not bring years of experience to a company, but they bring energy, exuberance, a fresh education and knowledge of new technologies that others in the company may not have. They also bring … More

Tallahassee, Fla. Advertising Agency Takes Advantage of Rentrak’s TV Currency

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Rentrak (NASDAQ: RENT), the leader in precisely measuring movies and TV everywhere, serving the advertising, television and movie industries, today announced a multi-year StationView Essentials contract with Compass Marketing and Consulting, a local advertising agency in Tallahassee, Fla. Compass Marketing and Consulting will adopt Rentrak’s local TV ratings currency, including its Polk Automotive Segmentation, to make more efficient and effective advertising buys for its TV advertising clients. “We’re … More

Vibrant Downtown Tallahassee

There are many people who visit downtown Tallahassee in order to conduct business at the Capitol. During each year’s legislative session, the heart of downtown, our Capitol Hill, is flooded with activity. Much as Cinderella’s castle towers over Disney World and draws people to the Magic Kingdom, our Capitol draws people to the heart of Tallahassee’s downtown. But Disney World is much larger than just the Magic Kingdom, and similarly, downtown Tallahassee has much more … More