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Adam Cowhey, Adam R. Cowhey, P.A.

Adam Cowhey

Adam Cowhey is a family practice attorney who came to Tallahassee from Orlando in 2006. The married father of two said they decided on the capital city because it was closer to extended family and would be a better place to start their family.  Three years later, Cowhey opened his own practice and needed a way to get more involved in the community. He said the Access Tallahassee program was an important tool for someone new to the area to do just that.

“For a person who did not grow up here and is starting with limited connections, Access is great,” Cowhey said. “It really helps you branch out and create a business network.

“Access allows you to get to know more people and learn more about Tallahassee, the business community and how things really work here.” As a member of an Access Leads Group, Cowhey said he appreciates the opportunity to build strong relationships with others with similar career needs. “I always refer people to my Leads Group members first,” he said. “After all, supporting each other pays off for everyone.”

Access has had unexpected benefits as well, Cowhey said. “I have not only made a lot of business contacts, but I  have made good friends as well.”

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